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Life After Diets

Oct 4, 2023

This episode discusses several aspects of mental hunger including its relationship to physical hunger. It emphasizes how mental hunger can feel like an insatiable desire for food, often arising from emotional and psychological factors rather than physical need. We also touch upon the significance of nervous system regulation and the complexities of achieving satisfaction while eating. The conversation highlights the role of satisfaction and self-compassion in dealing with the challenges of mental hunger.

Highlights include:

  • What is mental hunger and why does it happen
  • Is it real and valid or should we calm ourselves down so it goes away
  • Physical hunger confused with mental hunger
  • Stef’s concept of “collective hunger”
  • What is your relationship with fullness?
  • The role of guilt 
  • Pleasure and satisfaction
  • The inner child 
  • Sarah’s concept of gentle negotiation
  • Dealing with transitions
  • Conscious and unconscious eating
  • Self Trust

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