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Life After Diets

Oct 11, 2023

This week, we're talking to Elena Kunicki RD who recovered from binge eating and an obsession with exercise that led to hypothalamic amenorrhea (when your period stops due to excessive exercise, stress, and disordered eating). In this episode, Elena shares her story of how she recovered, including how she was able to return to exercise without feeling addicted, obsessed, or out of control. We discuss:

  • Being the “chubby friend”
  • Discovering “discipline” and weight loss through exercise
  • The slide into disordered eating, rigid thinking, and isolation
  • Elena’s all-in approach and how fitness played a role (and how it didn’t) in her acute recovery process
  • Three ways Elena handled the distress of the “messy middle”
  • The difference between permission and compulsively eating
  • Elena’s current values versus her disordered values
  • The difference between fitness goals and physique goals
  • The things Elena still struggles with
  • How Elena helps clients navigate fitness in the beginner stages of BED recovery
  • What if your ED brain gets triggered when you go back to exercise?
  • Connect with Elena by visiting her on Instagram at @elenakunickird and listen to her podcast, The Binge Eating Dietician Podcast. You can also visit her website HERE.

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