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Life After Diets

Dec 6, 2023

Aside from body image, health seems to be one of the biggest concerns about gaining weight. Because weight gain is common for many people recovering from eating disorders, health is a big sticking point making recovery harder and more complicated. In this episode, we're looking at the relationship between weight and health, to include:

  • Stef explains why she can't look at her bloodwork results as the episode records
  • Separating the impact of binge eating (and restriction!!) on health versus weight
  • Defining "health at every size"
  • Does health decrease when BMI increases? An anecdote.
  • Why isn't the desire for better health enough to get us to stop eating in a disordered way?
  • The relationship between health and our self-esteem
  • The rebel response -- what's that got to do with health?
  • Mental health as a gateway to physical health
  • The power of lowering expectations
  • Why don't we want to take care of ourselves when we're feeling low? Why wouldn't we want to help ourselves? The concept of self-sabotage.
  • The difference between being broken and just being lost or in a freeze state
  • The role of shame
  • Health and fearmongering
  • Regulating the nervous system as a strategy
  • The Roseto Effect


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