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Life After Diets

May 8, 2024

This episode was a toughie, not gonna lie.

It's really, really hard to have this discussion without potentially triggering some folks -- and we only know that because at one time, it triggered us, too. But this podcast is valuable because it does explore nuances, including the things less talked about in the anti-diet world.

At the end of the day, the desire for weight loss remains after we stop dieting. And for some people the question of: can I pursue this intentionally without regressing or sacrificing my values and myself? comes up a lot. 

This is an individual question with individual answers, and we're having the conversation for people who want to have the conversation. Please note that if you have found peace in the skin you're in, this episode may not be for you. It's for people who feel lost, confused, and stuck and want to explore more angles of weight concerns post-recovery.

We'll touch on:

  • safety in the body (of course!)
  • attachment to the idea of weight loss
  • physiological and psychological factors
  • why our appetite changes on vacation (or in other situations where stress is lower)
  • the idea of "releasing trauma to release weight"

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