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Life After Diets

Mar 30, 2022

Our very first guest on the podcast! This week we’re talking to former dieter Katie Thistleton, host of Life Hacks on BBC radio.

Katie has given up on dieting while in the public eye as a media presenter and is here to chat with us about her experience. We’ll discuss:

  • Katie’s New Year’s Instagram post and how...

Mar 23, 2022

Talking to loved ones about recovery from disordered eating (or the choice to give up dieting) is complicated. We created this episode to share with friends and family who want to support your journey but aren’t quite sure what to say. We’ll discuss:

  • Sarah & Stef’s experience of talking to friends about binge...

Mar 16, 2022

Deciding not to diet anymore can feel empowering…especially from the safety of social media communities or inside of a pandemic. But what happens when we go out into the world and get confronted with people who actively trying to lose weight and eat “healthy?” What comes up for us? In this episode, Sarah & Stef...

Mar 9, 2022

Greed is a word that comes up a lot around binge eating and overeating. What if you believe that your binges aren’t a disorder or a “problem,” but a manifestation of being greedy? In this episode, Sarah and Stef address questions like:

  • Do we want too much food or do we simply want too much?
  • Where does greed...

Mar 2, 2022

Do you struggle to be more consistent in your life? Whether its with food, exercise, self-talk, or pretty much anything else in life, what is the story with consistency (or lack of it)? In this episode, Sarah & Stef talk about:

  • What consistency looks like for Sarah & Stef
  • Consistency depends on your context of the day