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Life After Diets

Sep 28, 2022

This episode features a guest -- not an expert -- who is still working through her relationship with food and body image and doesn't have it all figured out. We hope you find it helpful to hear from someone who might be exactly where you are, and can relate to the parts of this process that don't feel like they have answers. We discuss:

  • Where food and body issues started for Nicole
  • Feeling stuck between “I can’t diet anymore” and “I can’t deal with my weight.”
  • Photographs & mirrors as triggers
  • Difficulty assessing fullness
  • What is intuitive eating? What’s the goal?
  • Worth, safety, and weight
  • Fearing continued/future weight gain
  • Guilt about doing this work and still struggling with body image and obsessive thoughts
  • Separating parts of the self

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