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Life After Diets

Jan 4, 2023

In this episode, Sarah and Stef talk about their relationship with food from a recovered perspective. Do we ever feel binge urges? Does a disordered tendency ever really disappear?

  • Stef’s experience of over-hunger and how it impacts her urge to eat
  • Sarah’s experience of brunch last Sunday
  • Cake as a habit and compulsion (minus guilt) – Sarah’s story
  • Food neutrality does not mean some foods aren’t more appealing
  • What about dopamine?
  • What about emotional urges to eat? And cravings?
  • Do urges to restrict ever go away?
  • Binge eating as something we always have to manage, and the difference of opinion on that
  • Are there any conditions in which Sarah or Stef feel their binges would come back?
  • Are there advantages to having a history of binge eating, once recovered?
  • Do urges to eat just turn into other types of urges?

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