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Life After Diets

Feb 1, 2023

Many people who've struggled with binge eating for a long time have come across the book "Brain Over Binge" by Kathryn Hansen. Sarah and Stef, co-hosts, both read the book as they tried to recover and are discussing how the method landed for them. The episode looks into:

  • Stef’s history and experience with reading BOB and taking the official BOB course
  • Sarah’s experience of “looking forward to” the next binge urge to learn a new response.
  • Dismissal of urges as irresponsible – what if those messages from the primal brain are valid, asks Stef
  • Weight and eating as pathological
  • Minimization (demonization?) of conventional therapy
  • Do some personality types find this approach easier than others?
  • Sarah’s use of RALIC to ride out binge urges - but not with the goal of not bingeing itself.
  • What if giving yourself permission to binge does NOT feel okay?
  • Does it work to delay a binge?
  • What can we take from BOB, in S&S’s perspective?

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