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Life After Diets

Feb 8, 2023

Has your body changed in recovery, or as a result of your disordered eating patterns? This can be hard enough in our fatphobic society, but there is often an added layer of “clothing grief.” Fashion can be part of a creative expression that feels like part of our identity; and its not secret that fashion culture caters to smaller bodies.

In this episode, we talk to Dacy of Mindful Closet. Dacy empowers women “to be their authentic selves through their clothes” even when body image feels like a barrier to that expression. We discuss:

  • Clothing as a gateway to identifying what we really like and want
  • Creating a Pinterest board
  • How Dacy helps people deal with clothing that looks one way on the model/mannequin and completely different on our own body
  • How Dacy ended up working with women with fashion and body image issues
  • Sarah’s aphantasia (not having a mind’s eye) and copying outfits as a strategy
  • The “frumpy” insecurity
  • How support in this area creates conditions for self acceptance we may not have access to alone
  • What about people who can’t accept the size of their body and don’t want to spend money and energy on shopping for clothes?
  • Dressing for special occasions

Dacy's website:

Dacy's Instagram handle: @mindfulcloset

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