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Life After Diets

Jul 27, 2023

Have you ever felt jealous of someone else's body? (Or anything else, really?) Comparison is normal, but if jealousy's got you down, this episode will teach you how to banish it, forever, from your life. Just kidding. But we WILL discuss:

  • The difference between envy and jealousy
  • What does jealousy feel like in the...

Jul 19, 2023

The intersection of weight and visibility is discussed at length in this episode. Weight can make us feel more visible or less visible because it is something our culture pays attention to. When we lose weight, we are "seen"; when we gain weight, we may become invisible. We discuss this topic from psychodynamic and...

Jul 12, 2023

Fasting is a trend that claims to have health benefits and influence on weight loss. What do we make of the hype? And how does it factor into people who have a history of eating disorders/disordered eating? 

  • Fasting in religion
  • Fasting for wellness reasons
  • How restricting – even if it was one time many years ago –...

Jul 5, 2023

This is the third week in our mini-series on Intuitive Eating, and this week we have Evelyn Tribole (co-founder of Intuitive Eating) on the podcast to talk about her personal stories and perspectives. We discuss:

  • Most people don’t believe IE will work for them
  • Personal influences on Evelyn’s own journey of IE
  • How...