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Life After Diets

Mar 6, 2024

An obsession with healthy eating has become part of the Eating Disorder and disordered eating spectrum. But how do we differentiate between taking responsibility for our health and disorder? Where's the line? This episode looks at:

  • What's wrong with valuing health and nutrition?
  • What is orthorexia?
  • How did Stef develop orthorexia in her 30's?
  • Healthy eating as a vehicle for black and white thinking
  • Basic nutritional wisdom (aka Gentle Nutrition)as an Intuitive Eating principle
  • Is identifying with Clean Eating a bad thing? And if it's not, who would benefit from it?
  • But what if you're addicted to processed foods?
  • Flag: Do you bring your own food coolers to social events?
  • Those moderate, peaceful, non-obsessed people. How do they do it??!
  • Is it possible to be neutral about nutrition if you have an ED background?
  • Carrots and cupcakes
  • Permitters and restrictors
  • But the doctors and experts say XYZ!!!
  • Stef's Gentle Nutrition Course starts in April!

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