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Life After Diets

Jan 25, 2023

Restricting and bingeing (and the spectrum of these behaviors) can be attempts to numb our emotional experience. This episode looks at different ways of numbing and how Sarah & Stef experienced using food as an escape. We cover:

  • Numbing via eating and numbing via restriction
  • Do binges make us “not feel” or feel more?
  • Stef’s recollection of numbing in London circa 2000
  • The feeling that tomorrow it will be different.
  • Connection to break the numbing cycle
  • Somatic practices, embodiment, checking in with the body
  • Difficulty with empty time, in the gaps of life
  • Numbing doesn’t exist in a vacuum; food can numb AND do other things like provide comfort, soothe boredom, etc
  • Low level existential blah
  • How did Sarah and Stef stop needing to numb so much?

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